Exuding sophistication, class and elegant functionality in over 6,000+ sq. ft. of thoughtfully designed living space, this complete full home restoration showcases the level of quality and expertise guaranteed with a Wallace Fleming renovation.

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Wallace Fleming was engaged to renovate the main floor and kitchen of this 1980s split-level. The result was the transformation of the main floor through the removal of a non-load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining/living rooms and opening up the full extent of the existing sloped ceiling.

While the kitchen footprint remained essentially the same, the removal of the load-bearing wall and corner pantry, led to a much more functional, open concept and resulted in a bright, inviting space that differed dramatically from the original dark, confined kitchen.

Aside from new cabinetry, countertops and appliances, the project also involved installing new engineered hardwood flooring; wood and steel spindle railings; recessed & surfaced-mount lighting; baseboards, door & window casings, and a fresh coat of paint throughout the main and second floors.

Through careful management of the budget, project scope, and all related trades, Wallace Fleming was able to keep the project on budget (a critical requirement of our client) and deliver an excellent quality renovation experience.

Price: $140,000